About Me

My name is “Miss Jesse” and I am a licensed family childcare provider. I am passionate about early childhood education, and practice simple living. I have two beautiful children, nicknamed: “Bumblebee Girl” (age 4) and “Baby Bear” (age 4 months). Currently I am trying to live in the spirit of each moment they offer. In college I was a pysch major & art minor, so these ideas play a major role in my life as well. [I read research studies & books for fun yay!] I am constantly creating process art experiences for my daycare children (aka “turtles”) and my own children. I love to bake, and spend lots of time outdoors in our community.


About the Blog

I am choosing not to reveal the identities of the children described in my blog posts. Therefore all images are either of my own children (bumble bee & bear), or photos lacking in identity features (such as facial profiles).

Daycare Tips: Throughout my blog posts I will provide teaching tips (which can be seen numerically & in bold font). These tips can help in your own classroom approaches. My goal is to create a vast database of resources for you and your child care environment.


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