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My focus today is on mental organization. I needed a break from all the physical “school prep” I’ve been doing this summer & mental organization seems like an appropriate side track, as my brain well…to make a mess short: gets side tracked & deviates all the time.  One common distraction for my brain is the internet. Unfortunately what happens to me when I use the internet can only be compared to a brain aneurism; my side track & deviation tendencies take over & my brain works directly through my fingertips. I may start out wanting to research “classroom management”, but instead walk away from the computer with “Blueberry scone recipes” printed (YUM!!!)…..

Like any modern-day citizen, the internet is a necessary evil. However, perhaps unlike most, I fondly refer to the internet as my “colleague”. (you know..cause FCCP don’t have collegues…haha.) The internet becomes my colleague in a sense as it is my main source of connecting to the ECE field, teaching blogs, resource websites, associations, etc. So how do I stop myself from “chatting” too much with my colleague & avoid the oh so many multi-tasking gone wrong internet scenarios??

 Here is one way: Today I stumbled across this fantastic concept Pinterest, a website created just like it sounds; to virtually “pin” all of your ideas to one location. AMAZING! its like…an easier version of OneNote.  Check out what I started so far, for some classroom inspiration:


I am hoping that utilizing pinterest will help me to streamline my internet searches, my thoughts, and have practical uses: classroom planning..and maybe a little home decor too! And maybe just maybe, I will walk away from an internet search with “classroom management” tips, instead of blueberry scones!

Doesn’t that look delicious?!

Since organization seems to be my theme of the day I will follow the tangent: and discuss a new list format. I’ve always relied on notebooks as my “to do” list..I like them because, well it is easy to find a notebook lying around…and I can keep my list for long periods of time. However I run into a few problems with this format:

  • The list is ongoing, and not a “day by day” format. (For me this means I don’t hold myself accountable as much)
  • I have many “to do’s” (home, daycare, self, kids), and so I misplace each “to do” list.
  • I end up making more than one of the same to dos.

  but I think I am going to give a new one a shot..it is a list template that will keep all my “to dos” (family, work, personal life) in one…I designed a template for family child care providers in mind…here it is in PDF form

Daily Agenda

Feel free to try it out. I just started utilizing the new template and so far so good. I am keeping the old daily agendas to refer back to. (uncompleted tasks, notes, etc.)I don’t know why, but I have a really hard time throwing out to-do lists…. I think I need to see the check marks of success to feel accomplished. We will see if it stands up to the chaos of my brain. Here is an old one from this week in all it’s glory:

I like the sectioned concept…allowing for a variety of “to dos” to be seen all at once. Okay enough mental, and back to the physical to do list for next school year..