So I wanted to make this post as a simple activity for preschoolers. My daughter had her first hair-cut a few months ago. (I know she is 4, but she was bald until    1 1/2 what was I to do?!)

Because she recently got her first haircut, she is very interested in hair-cutting. In fact she even attempted to “cut” her own hair, with her art scissors. [luckily for me, she only cut a tiny piece that blends in with the rest of her hair]. This prompted me to realize she is very interested in this process.

Just last week I cut my husband’s hair & my daughter’s bangs. My little bumblebee was so excited she could hardly contain herself as she watched my husband get his hair cut. She had her broom out and was sweeping any tiny piece that fell to the ground. She was jumping & giggling the entire time. I could see she was itching to do some cutting herself (She grabbed her scissors a couple of times). Instead of ignoring her urges, and allowing a hair cut debacle to occur again, I decided to nurture her desires.

To begin I created “hair” out of paper, by providing length and bangs (at her request). Then I taped it to a chair so it would be at a good height for her to work with.

She then set to work, cutting and styling paper hair. When one style was finished, I gave her an additional “head of hair” to try again. Soon she was requesting “curly hair” and “long hair” and “daddy’s hair”, etc. The Bumble-bee hair salon was open for business and booked solid!

I think this is a great fine motor activity for little ones, and a fantastic way to re-direct those hair cutting urges! My daughter was very focused, and creative with her “style” approaches. This would be a fantastic skill-building activity for 2-yr olds & up, especially if your classroom has a “Hair salon” in the dramatic play area!

Now all I need to do is create a supply of paper hair for when I am not present to save her locks!