So I started a blog awhile ago, and realized that my long-term design for the blog, did not portray things I actually wanted to write about. So here is my second chance. Upgraded, Vs. 2.0; Teaching Turtles!!

This blog is intended to be a dumping grounds for all things teaching related. I am a state licensed family childcare provider, and in desperate need of a means to organize my thoughts, and hopefully my classroom! So, as this blog moves forward, I am sure it will evolve, and hopefully the outcome will match the design this time around! With that being said, I did state that I am a family childcare provider…ergo I work out of my home. I am sure I will have some cross-over content, stories and such related to my personal life beyond teaching. Hopefully I will balance it all in amusing little excerpts. But most importantly I am hoping to create a blog early childhood teachers from all backgrounds can benefit from. Thanks for reading!